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“If I had a paper clip for every answer that Merkaz has given me, the chain would wrap the world four times… Merkaz has taught me how to speak publicly, defend a position, how to listen, leadership skills, how to make bread, appreciate Israeli rap music, how to choose a college, to meditate, how to cope with death, and how to embrace the future while remembering the past…”


A place for Jewish teens to shine!


Celebrating 40 Years!

Merkaz is pleased to be celebrating 40 years of being the place to be for teens grades 9 -12 to experience a supportive environment for socializing, interactive learning, and building leadership skills. The Merkaz mission is to provide a meaningful and relevant Jewish education to our Fairfield County teens that builds character, positive values, leadership, a strong Jewish identity, and creates a sense of unity with the Jewish people.

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Merkaz Mobile Mitzvot – A Beatles Purim Shpiel

Shalom PURIM! Hope you enjoy our Beatles inspired Purim Shpiel, an initiative of the Merkaz Mobile Mitzvot corps. Produced and directed by teens the Beatles Purim Shpiel video has been created for the senior residents in our community, and even features residents of the JSS in the video, along with students from the J'ukulele and Signing Through Jewish Prayer class. Check it out here:








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2020-2021 Calendar

2020-2021 Calendar

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