Testimonials from Recent Graduates:

“I have become much more invested in creating a Jewish identity for myself because of the faculty, students, and courses.”

“Had I not attended Merkaz, I would not know much about the problems in the Middle East and Israel and would be less connected to Judaism.”

“I never realized how many Jewish connections there were in superhero films.”

“My favorite things about Merkaz were meeting new friends, connecting with teachers, becoming more mature, and learning things I wouldn’t be able to learn elsewhere.”

“I liked meeting our community’s Holocaust survivors. It gave me a first-hand glance at the effects of this terrible genocide… and the inspirational stories of survival.”

“Sometimes school makes you feel separated from the Jewish community, but Merkaz helps create community and friendships with all kinds of new opportunities.”

“I liked getting to know the Israeli Emissaries and all they brought to our class.”

“I truly appreciate this extraordinary experience, and I will look back upon these four years fondly.”

“I enjoyed learning with other Jewish teens, because it enabled me to view different perspectives before making conclusions of my own.”

“Love spending time with my Jewish friends at Merkaz!”

“I not only developed better relationships with Jewish friends from my school, but also from different synagogues.”

“I liked learning Jewish values in a fun and interesting way.”