Phil Levine

Phil Levine

I use Art and my Merkaz classroom as a place where; past, present and future Jewish art meets. Merkaz allows me to teach Judaic art  to the next generation of modern American Jews. I feel like a bridge between the old European Jews of my grandparents and the next generation of modern Jews.

I ask students to merge their understanding of being Jewish and create art work based on this theme.

As a teacher at Merkaz, I try to engage my students in relevant questions about Jewish life, ritual, their understanding of the Jewish past and help them to envision Judaism as past of their life and Jewish futures.

A major part of my artwork; sculptures, drawings and assemblages are based on me being Jewish. I am part of the Jewish community; I was raised in a Jewish family with their roots back to Russia and Poland and am raising a Jewish family with my wife Linda. Jewish rituals, holidays are all sources for my studies.

  • B.S. and M.S. University of Bridgeport in Art Education.
  • Levine holds a CT Teacher’s Certification and is also a CT Certified Mentor.
  • He has studied at Silvermine College of Art, The Creative Arts Worship (CAW), Guilford Crafts Center, Yale Art gallery and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Levine has been an Artist / Educator for 40 years in public and private schools as well as at colleges.

His sculptures and art have been featured, in both group and solo exhibits, in Connecticut museums, colleges and galleries. Levine’s recent works have been included in the permanent collections  of D.R. Scinto Corp. and the Housatonic Community College Museum.

“Merkaz is a real-time Jewish think tank. My role is to knot Jewish knowledge into the soul of the students.”