Attendance Policies

Regular and punctual attendance is essential for a successful experience at Merkaz. A student may miss no more than four class sessions in any semester course to attain credit for that course.

Families will receive notification by e-mail when an absence trend is noted.  It is each student’s responsibility to track his/her own attendance at Merkaz. It is unnecessary to call the Merkaz office regarding student absences, unless there are special requests.

If a student exceeds the absence limit, he/she will not receive credit in that course. In extenuating circumstances, an appeal for credit may be made in writing to the Head of School within one week of the end of the semester. After reviewing the letter of appeal, the Head of School may use her discretion to allow make-up work.

If a student misses more than 15 minutes of class time, either due to lateness or an early dismissal, he/she will not receive credit for that Session.

Lateness / Early Dismissal (When in the building)

  • If you arrive after the 6:55 p.m. or 8:00 P.M. class bells, you must sign in and get a late pass at the Merkaz desk. This assures that you will receive credit for your attendance in class that evening.
  • Habitual lateness will be addressed by the Head of School in collaboration with the teacher. (See Attendance Policy)
  • Students leaving early must provide a written permission slip from their parent and must sign out at the Merkaz DESK.