Course Requirements

Merkaz students may choose from an abundance of classes and programs. There are so many opportunities to deepen your understanding and enhance your learning, with courses and activities that will certainly appeal to the most diverse interests and learning styles. Check out what Merkaz students have said about their experiences on both inside covers of this catalog!

Be sure to meet the following course distribution requirements. Enroll in at least 2 courses in each of the following divisions over your 4 years at Merkaz.

Course Divisions

Division A Text and Thought
Division B Contemporary Topics
Division C  History and Society
Division D The Arts and Literature

Please note:

  • Students are encouraged to select a balance of courses over the four years from Divisions A, B, C, and D. It is each student’s responsibility to keep track of his or her course requirements. To assist in this process, a transcript is provided each year with the registration forms for our returning students.
  • Course Divisions are included for each class with the course number. For example, D3540 is a course that satisfies the “D” requirement.
  • Course listed with two letters preceding the number will qualify for either division. For example, BC xxxx qualifies for either Division B or C to fulfill your requirements.