Merkaz Graduation is a heart-warming ceremony with a unique opportunity for our community to recognize the commitment of its teens to Jewish education. Graduation provides an opportunity for students to share their personal reflections and memorable experiences at Merkaz, sing, perform, and deliver special readings as part of the program. All students are encouraged to participate.

Please join us!
Merkaz Graduation 2021/5781
Congregation B’nai Torah
June 6, time TBA



Merkaz Class of 2020

Merkaz recognizes the numerous activities and commitments of teens today. All students are encouraged to participate in Merkaz to the greatest extent possible. To that end, the following routes to graduation have been established:

Merkaz Diploma

Each course meets for one semester and is worth one credit, unless otherwise indicated. You must successfully complete a total of 16 credits and distribution requirements by graduation to obtain a Merkaz Diploma.

Certificate of Completion

All students are encouraged to stay involved in Merkaz. Students who are unable to attain all 16 credits will receive a Certificate of Completion at Graduation for the number of credits earned.

Advanced Standing

Take advantage of the exciting course options and flexible scheduling at Merkaz. Enroll in additional courses or those that earn more than 1 credit during your participation in Merkaz. Students who obtain more than 16 credits during their course of study will be recognized on their Diploma and at the Graduation Program as a Graduate in Advanced Standing. Be sure to check this website for additional information and course options. This has become a popular option with our students.