Other Student Policies

Student Driving & Traffic Guidelines

The safety and security of Merkaz drivers is of utmost importance!

Students must operate vehicles in a safe and appropriate manner, and must abide by the established parking lot traffic flow. The Head of School has the authority to prohibit a student who violates safe driving practices from using the school parking facility.

Student drivers and parents must observe designated Entrances and Exits to and from the parking lot.

Safety & Security

To best ensure the safety and security of our students, students may not leave the building when Merkaz is in session without a signed permission slip from their parent.

A Security Guard will be present each evening.

Weekly Tzedakah

Tzedakah and Youth Philanthropy are an important component of the Merkaz learning experience. Tzedakah will be collected weekly during the 6:55 class. Contributions will be donated to worthwhile causes identified by the Merkaz community. Parent encouragement is greatly appreciated.


Kosher snacks and drinks will be provided each week during our break. All food brought into Merkaz must be kosher and nut-free.


Students who bring a guest to Merkaz must have a note from the guest’s parents stating that they have permission to be at Merkaz. Guests must be approved ahead of time by the Head of School.