Special Programs & Trips

Can’t Join The Excitement And Social Interaction On Tuesday Evenings?

OR Do You Want To Participate In Community Programs, Intensive Classes, Movie Programs, Or Independent Studies?

OR Would You Like To Obtain A Merkaz Diploma In Advanced Standing?

Merkaz will accommodate you!

Participate in one or more of these exciting programs that address individual needs for scheduling flexibility while providing opportunities to get involved in our community in intensive, experiential, and social action activities.

Merkaz Trips – An Experience of a Lifetime!

Developing Relationships AND Making a Difference

Across the Generations

Seize an opportunity to offer companionship and friendship to an elderly person in our community. This will prove to be a win-win experience for both of you!

Friend to Friend – An Incredible Opportunity

Make a difference in the life of someone with special needs. Interviews of potential Merkaz friends are required to determine appropriate pairing. Matches will be made on a rolling basis and may not coincide exactly with the Merkaz schedule.

Guided and Independent Studies

Guided Studies with Mentors are available for those unable to attend on Tuesday evenings

OR Independent Studies – Design Your Own